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South Shore Model Railway Club
Home of the East Coast Line

New Membership

Thank you for your interest in the South Shore Model Railway Club. This is a promising time for us and, in fact, our club is experiencing some of the most exciting opportunities in its 70+ year history. Our new facility offers a fantastic opportunity for members to collaborate with each other to build the layout of their dreams. We look forward to hearing more about your interest in the club and in working with us as we continue to develop our facility and layout.

Linked to this page is an application for membership. Would you please fill it out and mail it back. Upon application, we ask for $50 to cover the costs and materials that the club incurs in enrolling and establishing you as a member. Please enclose this fee with your application. I will then present your application to the membership at the next Business Meeting on the first Monday of the month, for acceptance consideration.

Membership will start once you are approved for applicant status, which is different from full member status. Once you become an applicant you will have the assistance of the club members to help guide you through the process of becoming a full member. A minimum of 18 visits, with a three month minimum and nine month maximum is all it takes.

As an applicant you will not have keys to the club, or pay dues, however, you are welcome anytime there is another full member at the club. Most applicants choose to join us on Monday or Thursday evenings or both--it is up to you. You may attend business meetings on the first Monday of the month, however you will not have voting privileges.

Once you have finished your applicant period, you will be proposed for membership at the next business meeting. After acceptance, you will receive keys and alarm codes to the club. Dues are $30 per month and are payable on the first of the month for that month.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at the club or e-mail me, using the link below.

Membership Chairman

e-mail: Membership Chairman

Application for Membership
Membership Application Guidelines

One of the oldest HO model railroad clubs in America
Founded in 1938 in Quincy, Massachusetts