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White Elephant Table

The South Show Model Railway Club operates a White Elephant Table to benefit the building fund at both the Spring Show & Open House at the end of March, the Summer Open House in August, and Fall Open House & Show in late October. Model railroad and other railroad-related items the club receives as donations, or sold by club members on a commission basis, are available for sale to visitors to the railroad at these events.

The White Elephant Table does NOT accept checks. All items are sold as is, the club makes no representations or warranties at to the quality or the value of an item. The White Elephant Table will open in conjunction with the starting of the event, 10:00 a.m. in the Spring, and 9:00 a.m. in the Fall, and end at 4:00 pm for both events.

If you have any questions regarding the White Elephant Table, or have railroad-related items you would consider donating to the club, please contact Ed Bulman by clicking here:




The club receives a commission on the gross sale of an item, when the owner tags the items and picks the unsold items up by the close of the show. Other commission structures are available for large numbers of items or for individuals who want the Club to manage the sales. Please contact the chairman for additional information. Items on the table must be related to railroading, either model or memorabilia.

Item(s) for the table may be placed at the start or anytime during the show or open house. All articles placed on the White Elephant Table must be cashed out or received back within one half hour of the closing of the table unless prior arrangements have been made with the chairman. If you wish to receive a sales package in advance or have a question for the chairman of the White Elephant Table, please click here.